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Re: ReiseFS vs XFS

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Daniel Garcia wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to know wich is the best filesystem to
> use: the ReiseFS or XFS.

what do you need it to do ?? ( it does make some difference )

- given reierfs or xfs ... i'd use the lastest xfs-2.6.36

- always use the lastest fs .. not older ones
	( mkfs.foo -V )


- for speed ... ext2 will win most all speed tests

- for formatting tests ... ext2 will lose by several orders
  of magnitude ( say 24hrs to format 3TB, while it takes 5min
  for xfs or reiserfs or jfs )

- for number of inodes for it's super blocks, it matters
  when every byte counts, in which case vfat or msdos
  will win ..

	take the same 40GB partition and format it and see 
	the major differences

- for allowing you to pull the power at anytime, and not lose
  any data ... i'd use msdos .. not vfat

- for compactflash or usb-stick ...
	- it's a gamble of how many times you can read/write
	it before it decides to go on a permanent vacation

- for loop devices inside of a fs... i'd avoid old jfs ..
  as i have seen it repeatedly corrupt the looopfiles 

- for max file size and max partition sizes ...
	that'd be loads of fun to compare

- more xfs vs riserfs vs jfs vs ext3 vs ext2 vs blah

c ya

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