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Re: WiFi on Toshiba Sattelite A70 Atheros 5004X

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, David R. Litwin wrote:

> Which is better: MADWiFi or ndiswrapper; and why?

madwifi is better because... ( in one pc )
	- it supports 3 flavors of WEP key sizes
	- it supports wpa 
	- it can be your AP
	- it can be firewalled
	- it can be a small i386 machine and nothing fancy
	- it can be hardened
	- it can be patched and upgraded
	- it can be a wifi sniffer
	- it can crack wep keys
	- on-n-on

if you use ndiswrapper...
	- all it is a dumb wifi client with limited
	functionality the microsoft provides for you
	and at their discretion of what *-you-* need

	- not all features that work on a windoze
	box will work under emulation mode w/ ndiswrapper

c ya

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