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Re: ifup on startup


psye@brandeis.edu (<psye@brandeis.edu>) wrote:

> Hi, for some reason ifup has stopped working on startup of my debian
> system.  Once its started up I can log in as root and ifup and
> everything works fine, it just won't work on boot.
> I've looked at /etc/init.d/networking and things look o.k. (although
> I'm not sure but it looks like there's an ifup call there).
> I'm wondering how I can just get the network card configured on
> startup instead of having to manually do this every time.

Please post your /etc/network/interfaces, the output of 

dmesg | grep eth

and try to add the driver for your network interface to /etc/modules to
make sure it is loaded early enough. Also tell us what lspci says about
your network adapter, but please don't post the complete output of
lspci, only the one line for the network adapter.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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