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Re: Installing without CD

It worked with a GRUB boot disk and some fancy kernel parameters. Thanks! :-)

On 9/24/05, Mike S <mmiikkee12@gmail.com > wrote:
Anyone know of something that can load this?

On 9/24/05, Mike S < mmiikkee12@gmail.com> wrote:
Further research indicates that somewhere, there is a kernel and initrd called 'hd-media'. I can't find it, and I think I tried it once but loadlin wouldn't boot it.

On 9/24/05, C Shore < alemc@bmts.com> wrote:
On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 07:49:09PM -0400, Mike S wrote:
> How do I install Debian without burning a CD? I have the ISO on my hard
> drive, but my burner is broken. I also have an almost unlimited number of
> floppies, if that helps (read: 'insert useless info here') :-)

I suggest you ask on debian-boot, after searching it's archives.  I know
it can be done and have seen answers on how to do this on the list, but
don't remember the details.

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