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Re: Imap: no login... ps aux - imapd.pid -nodnslookup -noidentlookup

I've tried Pollywog's method and I still can't loginto email accounts
using "telnet localhost 143." I've got some ideas about things to play
with, but my problem still isn't solved.  Please help if you have any

> I had similar problems and this is what I did to get it working:
> Edited /etc/courier/imapd-ssl  making the following changes
> IMAPDSSLSTART=NO  (it was set to YES)
> IMAPDSTARTTLS=YES  (the default was NO)
> Then I edited imapd.cnf and changed the hostname to my fully-qualified
> hostname, it will not work if you do not do that.  You only need to edit the
> stuff under
> [ req_dn ]
> from "C" to "emailAddress"
> Then I renamed the file imapd.pem to imapd.pem.orig and then I deleted the
> file
> /usr/lib/courier/imapd.pem
> and then I ran 'mkimapdcert' as root.  This produced
> another /usr/lib/courier/imapd.pem and I COPIED that file to /etc/courier/
> and restarted courier-imapd and then I was able to login to my imap accounts
> on port 143 using TLS with kmail or Opera.  Some clients cannot connect to
> this type of setup and can only use SSL on port 993.
> 8)
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