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Re: WiFi on Toshiba Sattelite A70 Atheros 5004X

You do not need to compile your own kernel, just the module.

Instructions as to how to do this can be found at:-


and yes those instructions are Debian specific.

There are an error in that page, and some changes needed
if you are using 2.6.12.

In the first make-kpkg at the end of the line it should not be
"old configure" but rather "oldconfig".

If you are using 2.6.12 then prefix the two make-kpkg
commands with KERNELPATH=/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.12

Then you will have madwifi up and running.


Isn't make-kpkg used to make a kernel? Or, does it simply happen to co-incide.?

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