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Re: pcmcia-card (netgear wg511t) causes computer to get extremly slow ...

On Sat, 2005-09-24 at 20:10 +0200, Louis Woods wrote:
> Hi
> I didn't realize I am using a subject line already in use. I'll repost 
> my problem under a different subject.
> Thank you for the hint.

The problem isnt your subject line. The problem was that you replied to
a message rather than just sending your question directly to the

Why does that make a difference? If you look at the headers of the email
that you sent, you'll see these lines:

References: <[🔎] 200509241212.48621.hal@thresholddigital.com>
         <[🔎] 87ek7e8kzp.fsf@toncho.dhh.gt.org>
         <[🔎] 200509241318.23648.hal@thresholddigital.com>
In-Reply-To: <[🔎] 200509241318.23648.hal@thresholddigital.com>

In any good email client, these headers are used to show message threads
(which emails are related to each other).

So, by replying, you are indicating that your email has some connection
to the message you are replying to.


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