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Re: console font

On 9/24/2005, "Angelo Bertolli" <angelo@freeshell.org> wrote:

>debian@lamie.net wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>my default debian installation gives a console with 25 rows and a
>>huuuuuuuge font. I feed vga=ask as boot parameter and choose 80x43 and
>>get a viewable screen with squashed fonts. During the boot messages,
>>just after the nic is up and running, the fonts reconfigure and I'm
>>back to 25 rows again ;-( with a squashed font ;-((. I've checked
>>through the /etc/init.d/* scripts and can't see anything relevant that
>>could be doing this so I'm guessing it must be happening at the kernel
>>level. Don't want to go back to other distro's. Love the debian
>>package managment system but can't be doing with the huge font. Does
>>anyone know how I can resolve this problem? Do I need to configure a
>>text file? Influence modules that are loaded? All help greatly
>Try passing in vga=0x317, dont' have my framebuffer chart on hand, but
>you can look it up on google.
vga=0x317 blanks my screen.
My boot messages give the message 'Configuring general fonts...
/dev/tty0 (ios15) /dev/tty1 (iso15) etc. It is at this point that my
console reverts to 80x25.

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