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UPS for servers?


I'm looking for a UPS to hook up to a rack containing three servers. I'm not precisely sure of the power consumption, but could find some hard numbers if it became necessary. I want something that will keep all three servers up for at least 1 hr. The rack is a 6U.

I want a UPS whose software is supported by Linux, preferably something packaged for Debian, and one that is reasonably priced (under USD 1000).

The functionality I would like is that the following sequence of events is possible

1) Power goes out.

2) UPS waits T1 minutes and if the power has not gone back on, informs the machines.

3) The machines send out a broadcast message to users telling them the machines are going to go down in T2 minutes.

4) If the power has not come back in T2 minutes, the machines go down.

Otherwise, they send out a broadcast message saying the power has come back on.

Does anyone have any idea if ways exist to power up a machine remotely?

I'm going to talk to APC, but I don't know how much a sales rep would know about Linux, and he/she certainly would not know about Debian.

Recommendations/suggestions appreciated. Please CC me; I'm not subscribed. In any case, I will check periodically via Gmane.

Thanks in advance.                                                Faheem.

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