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removing botched package install from apt-get

I have a rather screwy situation that I created for myself and can't figure out how to fix it.

During an install of quake2 it asks for a directory to download the quake-data package into. As I place all my downloads into the one created by Firefox, and like a dummy left it at its default name, there is a space in the name. Well, I created the following typo while telling apt where to place the download: ~/user/"My/Downloads". Now I can't figure a way out of the situation as even if I use escapes to create two separate directories called "My/Downloads" the install script fails because of the " marks in file names. How do I either remove the quake2 install from apt-get's memory or get to the configuration screen for the install so I can give the installer a readable directory? Anybody else ever been dumb enough to do this one and yet smart enough to figure out the fix? Having the quake install fail every time I remove or install a package is driving me nuts and none of the options in apt seem to cover this situation.


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