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Re: upgrade problem

Hi Kai,
more useful or compact than apt-cache show would be $ apt-cache policy perl
However you apt-cache show seems to indicate you have a sarge/sid mix. Since apt-get install perl indicates your perl is up-to-date for your default release, I don't see why apt-get upgrade would be upgrading it directly. What could happen on dist-upgrade in a mix is that a package that you have installed which isn't part of stable is ignoring the "stable upgrade path" and going to, say, sid (unless for example you pinned testing higher, but you seem to have no etch sources). This should be investigated. One efficient way to do it would be to use $ apt-show-versions -u|grep unstable However, you said that the problem seems to be with Perl. Could you indicate what makes you think that? Unless it's just that you're surprised that install won't upgrade it but dist-upgrade does? If so then really try the suggestion above.

But in case you already eliminated that possibility, I'd point you to the APT HOWTO's section 3.5 suggestion of using Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes

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