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Re: Responses to the list (oops)

Joe Smith wrote:

"Mike McCarty" <mike.mccarty@sbcglobal.net> wrote in message [🔎] 43344CF9.6050308@sbcglobal.net">news:[🔎] 43344CF9.6050308@sbcglobal.net...

Ron Johnson wrote:


Using what he recommends ruins threaded reading, because
the reply goes to the originator of the message, and the
list gets CCd.

That sounds like a problem with you mailer's threading.

Threading is based on message IDs. The mailer threads properly.

Rember that email was not designed for threading. Threading was what newsgroups were invented for. These days mailing lists are used for exactly what newsgroups were originally used for. This is supposed to be to reduce spam, but in reality just as much spam comes to mailing lists as come to newsgroups.

All too true.

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