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Re: Newbie Hostname Change

Interesting. I have just tried it with base-config, and it appears to have
worked. But, just in case, is there anywhere else I need to change it? Thanks.


Quoting Bill Marcum <bmarcum@iglou.com>:

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 04:50:26PM +0100, Sean Whitton wrote:

My friend installed Debian on his computer and I'm supposed to be
admining it as a server. THings are going well (except I keep
mistyping shutdown and killing the server), but there is one problem:
the hostname.

He typed Ask4 instead of ask4, which is a problem.

I assume I can change this with the hostname command, but I want to be sure
there arn't any additional steps beyond this.

The hostname command will only change it temporarily.  For a permanent
change, edit /etc/hostname.

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