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Re: Responses to the list (oops)

Angelo Bertolli wrote:
> [Sorry for replying in that other thread, here is a new one:]
> Ok, now I'm confused.  I've seen so much "respond this way" on the list
> lately.  I'm using Tbird, and when I hit "reply" it replies to the
> poster only.  When I hit "reply-all" it goes to the poster, the list,
> and maybe a few others that got picked up along the way.  I thought this
> was done on purpose so as not to munge email headers with mailman,
> but... now I've seen people say:
> 1) CC me because I'm not on the list (ok done - hit reply-all)
> 2) Respond to the list and don't CC me
> So in this case, do we hit reply-all, and cut and paste the list email
> as the To: line, removing all others, etc?
> It seems to me if this is the behavior desired, then the mail headers
> should be munged in mailman like so many others lists do.

Please read the archives.  This has been discussed many times.

As far as Thunderbird goes, I believe there is an outstanding bug to
provide reply-to-list functionality.

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