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Re: setting up environment variables

Dom wrote:
> Hi,
> Could someone please tell me if I'm doing this right and if not what
> I'm doing wrong as I'm a newbie trying to get acquainted with the
> linux system. I want to make every application that wishes to use my
> /tmp folder on my linux partition to use a custom folder on another
> partition (looks like I made my linux partition too small for my needs
> and need to free some space now).


Appart from the useful answers others have given to the env vars "way",
you can go another way (in this particular case). If the problem is the
size of the /tmp partition (or /, where /tmp probably resides), you
could always move the current /tmp folder to somewhere else (another
partition with lots of free space), then create a soft link: ln -s
/newdir /tmp. This way, the settings of the system will stay unchanged.


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