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Re: [interesting] Re: Debian Dell Laptop Connectivity

On 9/23/05, Jan Schledermann <spamtrap@schledermann.org> wrote:
Scott Fitzgerald wrote:

Unfortunately I have missed your original posting so I am not quite sure
which parts of the 'connectivity' is your major problem?

In my laptop I opted for the Truemobile 1300 wifi solution and loaded the
original windoze driver with ndiswrapper. That just works.
The built-in nic is Intel based and was simply automatically recognized.
For bluetooth I installed the bluez stuff and usbmount. That took care of
external storage. I have used kinternet to set up the dialup connection
through bluetooth/ sonyericsson k700i

I use a self compiled 2.6.12 kernel, with all the essentials compiled into
the kernel, no initrd, and udev for device setup.

I have dell 600m. Built in lancard is recognised with tg3 driver. bcm internal modem works with slmodem-2.9.9d-alsa and wife truemobile works with ndiswrapper. I didn't try bluetooth or infrared.

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