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Re: recover data from a hd

Borislav Petkov wrote:
 Hi there,

 my hd died this morning and I know it is too late and I don't have a
 backup but is there a way to do a raw read and gather all the
information that can be read? One thing might be kind of a problem, however, since the hd is damaged at its very beginning and attempting to mount it gives I/O error on sector 0 and the consecutive ones. So, is there a way to jump after those erroneous sectors and read what's left. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

 P.S. I'm off to buy a new hd. Any particular brands I should keep away


I had a hd die on a server just last week. To get the data off it, I just plugged it into my workstation, and then booted up with Knoppix. It found the drive, mounted it, and just let me access the data with no fuss. I then ftp'd all the data I needed to another server so it was accessible to me when I was ready to copy it over again.

I guess whether this works depends on how f'd up the drive is, but this was pretty quick and easy.

Patrick Rittich
Dowco Computer Systems Ltd.

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