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Re: apache-ssl ssl.log

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 12:44:36PM -0400, Brian Smith wrote:
> I am trying to log the ciphers being used for apache-ssl.  I've
> uncommented the line in the httpd.conf file:
> CustomLog /var/log/apache-ssl/ssl.log "%t %{version}c %{cipher}c
> %{clientcert}c"
> and I only see in the ssl.log:
> [19/Sep/2005:12:40:21 -0400] + + +
> Any suggestions on how to get the logging working correctly?
> Thanks,
> Brian


Which version of apache are you using?

According to the Apache 1.3 documentation %...c prints out:

'X' meaning connection aborted before the response completed
'+' meaning connection may be kept alive after the response is sent
'-' meaning connection will be closed after the response is sent

It could be that the compatibility functions you are trying to use in
your log format don't work. You could try to add

SSLOptions +CompatEnvVars

in your httpd.conf.

Have a look at



depending on which version you are using and what exactly you would like
to see in your logs.

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