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RE: Used Laptop Reccomendations for Sarge

Thinking about getting a used laptop and loading sarge into it.  I was
wondering what specs I need to look for (or, actually getting models to
look for.)  What kind of memory, disk size, and processor do I need (or,
wont work on sarge.)

Depends on the money you´d like to spend. I can recommend http://tuxmobil.org/ or/and http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/.

Also, I want to be able to dial into the internet through a regular phone
line when away from home.  This would be a primary purpose for getting it
for me.  I remember when I first came to linux, it was a big deal for me to
replace my old winmodem with a full modem, which at the time cost me $200
at compusa.  Will I have similar problems with a laptop, and if so how does
somebody replace a laptop's modem?

If you are exited bout having a fully functional modem please look at http://www.linuxant.com.

BTW: I bought a used Thinkpad R51 half a year ago. 512MB RAM, 40 GB Harddisk. Everything I´d like to have works - mostly out of the box. I use my modem very seldom but it works as well.


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