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Re: o.t. sugestions for entity modeler

Chris Parker on 18/09/05 18:17, wrote:
Adam Hardy wrote:
Chris Parker on 18/09/05 16:28, wrote:

What is a good database entity modeler? Database is mysql 4. new to sql so im just looking for something to show relationships for
 setting up queries easier.

Also which is better for an online shopping cart, Myisam or Innodb?

innodb if you need transactions. Which a shopping cart would.

I don't know any Linux ERD package, but there must be at least one.
You could try searching http://lists.mysql.com/search.php mailing list archives.

Am I able to switch to innodb after creating myisam?  This project
was tossed to me so I have read Learning SQL by O'reilly.  It just
doesn't say anything about switching engines (myisam to innodb) with
the cart live.  The cart is not world browsable yet, so am i able to
switch without destroying anything?  I have done backups of the
database so its not too critical.

You can't convert a database, you can only drop and recreate. But with the backup scripts that should be a lead pipe cinch. Just edit the table type, if my memory serves me well.

btw you should really be taking this to the mysql mailing lists :)


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