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Re: o.t. sugestions for entity modeler

Adam Hardy wrote:

> Chris Parker on 18/09/05 16:28, wrote:
>> What is a good database entity modeler? Database is mysql 4. new
>> to sql so im just looking for something to show relationships for
>> setting up queries easier.
>> Also which is better for an online shopping cart, Myisam or
>> Innodb?
> innodb if you need transactions. Which a shopping cart would.
> I don't know any Linux ERD package, but there must be at least one.
> You could try searching http://lists.mysql.com/search.php mailing
> list archives.
Am I able to switch to innodb after creating myisam?  This project was
tossed to me so I have read Learning SQL by O'reilly.  It just doesn't
say anything about switching engines (myisam to innodb) with the cart
live.  The cart is not world browsable yet, so am i able to switch
without destroying anything?  I have done backups of the database so
its not too critical.

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