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Re: Apache2: httpd.conf or apache2.conf?

David Huemer wrote:

I tried the provided .deb package and also compiled my own apache2
server and discovered the following: If you use the Debian package all
configuration is done in the apache2.conf and the httpd.conf is only for
compatibility reasons. If you compile your own server, all configuration
files are in the httpd.conf.
I am not sure about the version of the apache2 server in the Debian
package, but I think the version used is not the newest. Maybe this
difference occurs because of different versions.
I think it's something the .deb package manager(s) do, since other distrobutions I have used, have been using httpd.conf back to apache 1.3. I personally don't like the way Debian does this, but I think it's easier to adjust because it's precompiled with a nice set of features. Also I think apache likes to refer to their software as httpd, not as "apache" since they have a plethora of projects and other useful software.


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