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Re: Can't find php.ini, and sometimes other files too

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 02:20:27AM -0700, Jared Hall wrote:
> Debian Users-
> I seem to have missed my php.ini file.  
> I used phpinfo(); to find the damn thing, but when I went to the place
> that phpinfo() sent me it wasn't there!
> I've looked every where by hand, and then thought: "Is there some way
> of using grep which will save me time and energy which I don't know
> about." I've always used grep to search files and things like the
> dmesg and think it's very handy, one of these days I should read the
> man page on it... infact I'll go do that right now, but in the mean
> time:

It is in /etc/php4.  Some ways to have found it:

`dpkg -L libapache2-mod-php4`

`find / -name php.ini`


Roberto C. Sanchez

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