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Re: Where to find tcng for debian sarge?

Clemens Eisserer wrote:

first of all thank you for this reliable and very well designed linux
I am quite new to debian but thanks to the user friendly installation
I am quire happy with it - Furthermore it was the only major
distribution which was able to install itself on a P90/24mb ram ;-)

1.) I want to setup traffic shaping on this machine and I plan to use
tcng for compiling my scripts to tcc-readable output.
However I cannot find a binary "tcng" in the tcng-pakage - so what could I do?

2.) I found a problem in the dpkg-configuration for ddclient: If you
say yes to "run dd client when interface is up...." AND run ddclient
as daemon it did not work on my machine. If I say yes to "when
interface up" and no to client everything works. Maybe this just
applies to me, but otherwise I would not show the second dialog which
promts wether the user would like to run it as daemon at all and vice

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens

if you have the tcng package installed, look in /usr/lib/tcng/bin/
you should find your binaries in there.

don't know too much about #2 though .


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