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Re: problem with automatic upgrade (changed conffile)

On søndag 18 september 2005, 23:34, Hans Ekbrand wrote:
> I have changed /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc, but so what? Why does dpkg fail
> here?

There are certain limitations to doing things automatically, and in this 
case, it detects certain changes that it needs your input on. It is a 
config files that's changed. I believe it is possible to tweak 
something to make it do more things automatically, though. You must 
expect issues like these, it is a feature... :-)

Note that there is a package cron-apt, that you may want to install 
instead. It can be configured to do automatic upgrades. However, I know 
that not everbody thinks it is a good idea to do it, and IIRC the 
documentation of that package has a discussion about it, you should 
probably look into it.


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