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Re: Postfix trouble

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 06:16:35PM +0300, Adrian Minta wrote:
> Thank you all for suggestions !
> I use antivirus and  antispam but in case of spam bots on my clients 
> machines all those are ineffective :(
> The simples solution I could find is to use SMTP auth, unfortunately 
> will not be so easy to inform all clients about the change and to 
> instruct them to change settings.

That might be true, that it can be a hassle to inform all your
customers, but if you can create a transitional situation where you
inform your customers to change their routine.. to let them get used to
this new structure, the amount of calls will be reduced by a large
percentage. If you are realy confronted with a non-manageable situation
you should consider to reevaluate your whole network, and that might
sound like a lot of work.. and it is, but most of the times that is the
best way to prevent a lot of problems for the future.

Good luck,

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