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Re: Software RAID 5 SATA array crashed

hi ya

the only major piece of info that is missing:
	a) cat /proc/mdstat

	b) what exactly was the commands you type vs the english

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005, Adar Dembo wrote:

> Sep 11 23:46:57 localhost kernel: md: kicking non-fresh sdc1 from array!
> Sep 11 23:46:57 localhost kernel: md: unbind<sdc1>

obviously bad

> Note the message about sdc being non-fresh. Also note that the array is 
> both DIRTY and DEGRADED.

degraded means it works as if it was one giant disk, and if any of the
remaining disks dies, you are most likely to lose all data on all disks
unless you happen to know how to recover tdata when 2 of the 5 disks
are considered bad ... ( raid allows for 1 of 5 to go bad in your config )

> I played around with mdadm but I could never get the array to start. All 

the exact commands you used and in what order makes all the difference

the output of /proc/mdstat is what you should be looking at

it'd be 100x simpler to reformat and restore from backups
unless you know why you did which commands in which order

  say based on some software-raid-repair-howto for which each
  failure situation is probably different

c ya

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