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Re: UPS recommendations?

On lørdag 17 september 2005, 17:01, Colin wrote:
> Then get an APC one.  I have two of them for my systems (LS 500, CS
> 500) and they've been working great.  The best part is the linux
> software you need is already part of Debian.  The package is called
> "apcupsd".  

That's pretty neat!

Since it is brought up, does anybody have experience with Inform UPS 
Guard: http://www.informups.com/pages/prod/guard.html
They are really cheap here (cheapest I can see), and I've heard they are 
quite straightforward to get working under Linux. 

Also, does anybody have experience with the internal UPSes and PSU here: 
If I was building a new system, I'd really want one of those.... I 
wonder why it isn't fairly "standard". Probably because for the 
dominant OS power outages aren't the only reason for downtime... :-)


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