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Re: Is ASUS A8V Deluxe OK for Linux?

Am Freitag, 16. September 2005 22:50 schrieb Dirk:
> Hi!

Hi DIrk,

> I'm planning to buy a ASUS mainboard with the following chipset:
> Chipset 	VIA K8T800Pro and VIA VT8237
> It's the A8V-Deluxe
> Does anyone know if this MB has problems with Linux (or the other way?)
I use the K8V SE MB. I have no problems. The sound-chip is a AD1980 from 
AnalogDevices 6-chanel S/PDIF out. The sound is bearable - I use my emu10k1 
aka Soundblaster live player 1024. SATA is OK - about 70MB/sec. Yukon Gb 
ethernet onboard is running in 100 Mb mode - works fine (I have no Gb 
ethernet at home). Buy it if You have a good soundcard laying around.

> Before I had the P5RD1-Deluxe (Intel CPU) but it was too hot (noisy)
> because I needed 550Watts to make it stable. It had the same Soundchip
> like A8V-Deluxe (Realtek ALC861) which didn't work because of the ALi
> controller. Is this different here? Does the Intel HDA audio driver work
> with A8V-Deluxe? Are VIA chipsets in general OK for Linux or do they
> suck for some reason?
VIA chipset is OK.

> Does anyone OWN this MB already?
> I WANT an Athlon64 3200+! Maybe there is a better MB available?
My PC really RUNS unter Sarge amd64!  :-)  (Ok, I have 2 GB RAM)

> ANY comment is highly appreciated!
> Thanks a lot,
> Dirk
Greetings from Hamburg/Germany

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