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Re: Is ASUS A8V Deluxe OK for Linux?

On 9/16/05, Dirk <noisyb@web.de> wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm planning to buy a ASUS mainboard with the following chipset:
> Chipset         VIA K8T800Pro and VIA VT8237
> It's the A8V-Deluxe

I'm running this board on my desktop machine with Debian Sarge since
March without any problems.  I have connected three SATA disks, and
one IDE disk, which run perfectly.  Usb, firewire, onboard sound,
frequency scaling (Cool'N'Quiet), onboard ethernet all work here. Some
A8Vs come bundled which a pci wlan card which runs pretty well with
the rt2500 driver. Even the hardware sensors are fully supported, so I
can read temperatures and adjust the fan speeds in software.

And deluxe really means deluxe with asus. The board came with all
needed cables: ide, sata, sata power, floppy, additional backside
connectors for usb and firewire, etc.  A bios upgrade on this board
does not need a DOS/Windows program -- the board can read the new bios
directly from cdrom.

I can really recommend this board for use with linux.

My experiences all come from a recent 2.6 kernel. I do not know,
whether a 2.4 kernel supports all the hardware on this motherboard.


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