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Re: Laptop Installation Problem

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 10:42 +0100, Pooly wrote:
> 2005/9/16, Scarletdown <scarletdown@gmail.com>:
> > Anyway, I currently have Windows 98SE working fine on it.  However, I
> > want to make it full 100% Debian (etch which would be upgraded to sid).
> > The CD ROM drive is not bootable, so I made a set of net install
> > floppies.  After booting up with the boot floppy, I am asked for the
> > root floppy.  I put it in the drive and it starts to load.  After a
> > while, it quits with this set of messages...
> > 
> > Setting up filesystem...
> > mount:  Could not find a spare loop device
> > cp:  /initrd/*: No such file or directory
> > failed copying filesystem (may be out of space on ram disk)
> > Giving up!
> > 
> Eventually try the boot disk for the woody, then upgrade to what you want.

Okay, Good thing I didn't toss out the old Woody disks.  The install is
now in progress.  I used the boot.bat file on the first CD.  This, of
course, brings up other questions.

1:  I was not able to specify a 2.4 kernel for some reason.  I briefly
saw a menu come up with an option to use 2.4.  However, there was some
sort of "Bad command or filename" error, that flashed by before Linux
automatically started to load with the 2.2 kernel.  This meant that I
was only able to use ext2 instead of ext3.  After I get the base install
done, how would I then convert my ext2 filesystem to ext3?

2:  When I upgrade to sid, what would be the best process to do this?
Should I first do a dist-upgrade to sarge, then to etch, and finally to
sid?  Or would it be fine to just go from woody to sid?  Or should I go
woody to sarge to sid, and skip etch?

3:  Can Woody use a 2.6 kernel, or should I wait until I'm running sid
before installing 2.6?

I know there were other questions, but I can't remember them at the
moment.  More later, as this operation progresses.

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