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Re: Laptop Installation Problem

2005/9/16, Scarletdown <scarletdown@gmail.com>:
> This is proving to be one of my most challenging installations yet.  I
> just recently became the owner of an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 425CDT
> laptop (Pentium 100, 800MB hard drive, 24MB RAM which will eventually
> get upgraded to its maximum 40MB, CD-ROM drive, external floppy drive.)
> Anyway, I currently have Windows 98SE working fine on it.  However, I
> want to make it full 100% Debian (etch which would be upgraded to sid).
> The CD ROM drive is not bootable, so I made a set of net install
> floppies.  After booting up with the boot floppy, I am asked for the
> root floppy.  I put it in the drive and it starts to load.  After a
> while, it quits with this set of messages...
> Setting up filesystem...
> mount:  Could not find a spare loop device
> cp:  /initrd/*: No such file or directory
> failed copying filesystem (may be out of space on ram disk)
> Giving up!

Eventually try the boot disk for the woody, then upgrade to what you want.

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