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Re: readpst

Stephen R Laniel wrote:

I've just been handed a couple of Outlook PST files to
convert to any other usable format. I installed readpst,
but it really didn't get anywhere with the PSTs that I have.
Instead I got the sequence of errors below. It may be
because the PSTs are a very recent version; I know very
little about these files, so that may very well be.

Openpst created a whole set of email folders, and apparently
named them all correctly, but dropped a lot of messages. Has
anyone gotten PST-to-mbox conversion to work, using any tool
at all?
I'm not sure what PST files are, but I'm going to guess they're mail. If I were you, I'd probably try setting up an Outlook account that uses IMAP on a server that stores mail in mbox format, transfer my mail to that account, and grab the files off of that server.


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