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Re: Overwhelmed newbie

--- Fritz Brown <fritz.brown@engineer.com> wrote:

> Help!  I have recently begun an attempt to install Debian on a Sony
> laptop (Mobile AMD K6-2 550MHz, 64MB RAM), and am thoroughly
> overwhelmed with choices about which I know nothing!
> I only need the ability to dial-up and network, surf the internet (I
> have Opera for Linux ready to install), and do some Office type stuff
> (I have OpenOffice for Linux ready to install, as well) at this
> point.  But, when installing, I am faced with long lists of packages
> that I must choose whether to install.  Can anybody give me a good
> list of what to choose?  I am installing Debian 3.0 r4 i3.

During the install you should have been given the option to select what
tasks the machine is going to perform, out of a list of about 5 or 6
options.  The first, if I remember correctly, is 'Desktop', which will
install all you need.  If you want to use Opera you will need to
install that afterwards as it is not included in the Debian

You should not really need to search through the whole list of
individual packages.



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