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Re: No Starch Press releases _The Debian System_ by Martin Krafft

Jules Dubois wrote:

On Thursday 15 September 2005 13:58, Roberto C. Sanchez
(<[🔎] 20050915195812.GB32613@miami.familiasanchez.net>) wrote:

While appreciate the hard work that Martin has done on his book, and the
general interest about it on this list, I think that advertising it like
this goes against the Debian mailing list advertising policy [0].

It was clearly an "advertisement" by the dictionary definition.  OTOH, it's
not spam as I posted exactly one copy here (and nowhere else).  It doesn't
seem to me to be a violation of Debian policy, which I've just read for the
first time; if it is a violation, I apologize.

I think it's great!
There have been many threads enquiring as to good Debian books in the past, and all it will take now is an archive search to provide this one.

It's news directly relating to Debian, relevant to users, and germane to this list.

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