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Re: Minimize diskaccess on a light server

Thank you for pointing out the obvious, however this is not the case.
The bug has been acknowledged by AMD, and was fixed in later revisions.
Unfortunately the manufacturing date of my CPU predates the fix.


Does anyone have any hints on how to proceed? Maybe install
"laptop-mode-tools"? What about a way to track disc access?



Angelo Bertolli wrote:

> Cameron Matheson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Arjen Verweij wrote:
>>> The current machine is an AMD K6-233MHz with 64MB and one 120G disc,
>>> running Debian stable for years (now Sarge). Unfortunately, the cpu has
>>> a bug, where it becomes unstable  under stress (i.e. compiling a
>>> kernel)
>>> when using more than 32MB of RAM. Since I have the need to use this
>>> server a bit more extensively than I have, I'm pondering an upgrade.
>>> Because I want to keep the power consumption relatively low, I
>>> looked at
>>> VIA Epia solutions. Sadly, VIA doesn't make many boards with SATA, and
>>> the ones that have the 8237 southbridge only have one LAN port. This
>>> means I have to spend the PCI slot on another NIC.
>> Sounds like bad memory as opposed to a cpu bug.  I used to have the
>> same problem... just swapped my ram out and it was fine.  have you
>> run memtest on it yet? (maybe that would be easier than buying a
>> whole new system)
> Yes, and check ventilation.  This used to happen on a cluster that
> used AMD processors which happened to be overheating the memory that
> was quite near the proc.

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