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still no sound juicer (was Re: Gnome 2.10 going in to etch today)

So what's keeping sound juicer from coming into Etch? I mean, how come
it is still not there? Looks like there are some issues with Etch and
Gnome 2.10 that the Debian team is still trying to resolve.

I wonder what made them release Gnome 2.10 without sound juicer, or was
it an oversight?


Apparently, _Jason Clinton_, on 12/09/05 22:08,typed:
> On Monday 12 September 2005 8:15 pm, Joseph H. Fry wrote:
>>I can't install it... Everything is there except sound-juicer (>=
>>2.10.1) which gnome-desktop-environment depends upon.  Is this a bug?
>>Has anyone managed a way around this?  Or is it me?
> I have the same problem. It looks like tomorrow's update doesn't have a 
> solution either. You can check to see what's going in tomorrow here:
> http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/accepted.html

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