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Re: absurdly simple LAN problem

--- Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> wrote:

> I've struggled with this one for months! Much perusing of HOWTOs and
> googling hasn't helped.

I'm not surprised, as it's quite a specific issue, and doesn't really
illustrate any one possible point of failure.
> I have two computers, desktop and laptop, and a wireless router and
> modem. Both machines reach the internet without problems, one via a
> cable link to the modem, the other via  a wireless link to the
> router.

OK, so that at least proves that you have a default gateway setup OK.

> However, they do not communicate with each other. I cannot ping from
> one
> to the other though I can ping localhost on each. Turning off the
> firewall (shorewall) does not help.

Then you should use the command:

traceroute <IP>

To at least see where the point of failure is likely to be. 
Furthermore, when asking questions like this, it is often handy to
include the output (or at least a link to it) of the:

route -n

command, from BOTH machines, as well as:

ifconfig -a

from BOTH machines.

> I've tried adding the appropriate IP values ( and
> to the respective /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.allow, but
> it
> makes no difference.

They're not used to ping raw IP addresses anyway.  I suppose at an
outside edge, you could check your /etc/nsswitch.conf to make sure that
the values listed there are sane, however, I suspect that it's more a
routing issue on your part.  Certainly the output from the commands
I've requested will help.

-- Thomas Adam

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