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Re: to not apt-get upgrade certain packages

Ganeshram Iyer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to ensure that certain packages that I have apt-get
> installed are never upgraded (even security). specifically these are
> libwine wine wine-utils. I have version 20041019 the version
> recommended by winetools package
> (http://www.von-thadden.de/Joachim/WineTools/) and I am more than
> happy with this version.


Others have given good answers, but for the sake of completitude: you
can put the packages on hold with aptitude (I personally use aptitude

aptitude hold libwine wine wine-utils

With this single line, you will prevent the packages from being ever
upgraded. If you ever uninstall them, it will also prevent them from
being reinstalled, though.

A slightly more complex solution would be to take advantage of the
/etc/apt/preferences conf file (of which I am a big fan). You sould add
the following lines:

Package: $pack
Pin: version $ver
Pin-Priority: 1100

Where $pack is the name of the package being "held", and $ver the
version, as shown in the Version column of "dpkg -l $pack". What you do
with these lines is to give $pack $ver a very high priority, so that
when new versions of the package are found in the repositories, they
are not installed, because their priority is lower. For priority
figures: "man apt_preferences".

The slight advantage of the /etc/apt/preferences solution is that if
you uninstall the $ver version, you "aptitude install $pack" will
reinstall it w/o problem (if it is still available in the repositories,
else dpkg -i the .deb in /var/cache/apt/archives/).



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