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to not apt-get upgrade certain packages

Hello all,
I am trying to ensure that certain packages that I have apt-get
installed are never upgraded (even security). specifically these are
libwine wine wine-utils. I have version 20041019 the version
recommended by winetools package
(http://www.von-thadden.de/Joachim/WineTools/) and I am more than
happy with this version. the other versions do not work as well (I
have tried). now everytime i need to do an apt-get upgrade I first
simulate with a (-s) and see which packages other than the wine*
packages have to be upgraded and select those manually to be updated
using apt-get. anyway I can tell apt-get upgrade to never upgrade
those three packages and leave them untouched? I tried to do something
with apt-preferences but got nowhere (still a newbie - just 2 months
with debian - although a year with rpm based distros)


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