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Re: Is cdrecord broken?

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Any ideas?

1. Switch to 2.6.13.
2. Use the ATAPI interface (not scsi emulation).
3. Use a backport of sid's cdrecord which has some important fixes.

That should do it.  Oh, and make triple sure you have ATAPI DMA
capabilities enabled or you WILL get buffer underruns at high speeds
(usually, hdparm -d1 -u1 <device> is enough to force it enabled).

2.6.13 should be able to do it with pretty much all common south bridges
capable of it (which is just about all new ones, AFAIK), with the notable
exeption of ATAPI PATA devices behind a PATA-SATA bridge in a SATA channel
(like the one in my Thinkpad T43 :-( ).  Some PCI IDE controllers are NOT
capable of ATAPI DMA, but these are relatively old, and unlikely to be found
on any new motherboards or PCI expansion cards.

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