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Is cdrecord broken?

Today I just got a new DVD burner.  I thought that the problems I was
previously having where cdrecord would burn at a max of 16x were
attributable to the cheap CD burner I had purchased.  However, this new
DVD burner burns DVDs fine at its max burn speed (8x or 16x for the
various DVD flavors) using growisofs.  But when I burn with cdrecord,
anything more than 16x (on a drive that is capable of 48x and CD-Rs that
are rated for 48x) produces coasters.

Google indicates lots of conflicting reports.  For example, some people
claim that kernel 2.6.8 causes them all sorts of problems, others claim
it works perfectly fine.  Some people clain that the solution is to
switch back to ide-scsi, others claim that ide-scsi is broken.  I am
really at a loss.

Any ideas?


Roberto C. Sanchez

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