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Re: cdrecord + 'HL-DT-ST' 'RW/DVD GCC-4243N' '1.07' Removable CD-ROM

Erdi Balint wrote:

Yes, I went throught the same thing just some days ago and with
the dev=/dev/hdc (or wherever your CD writer is) setting it
works as it should. However, how do you make a front-end
(namely xcdroast) use this setting? I keep getting scanbus
errors using xcdroast and unable to even blank a disc with it
(even though my CD writer is recognized under xcdroast)

With 2.6.XX kernels, in xcdroast main menu, you could try choosing
"setup", "manually add device". That allows you to enter devices
on /dev/hdc (or /dev/hdd). xcdroast's automatic device scanning
does not seem to detect non-SCSI devices (my experience, Sid,
migrating from 2.4 to 2.6 kernel).

Regards, Jan

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