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Re: Custom Kernel Won't Boot

hi ya

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Jon Roed wrote:

> I can't  find a driver for my chipset in the kernel options. 

the chipset you care about is the output of "lspci"

	- you'd want to make sure you can find all the drivers 
	for each of the hardware controllers listed in the output of
	- if the kernel does not have a driver for "ChipMaker-1234 v5"
	than you should use 2.4.31 and/or 2.6.12.x instead
	and if not, pick the one that closer to it or a generic driver
	that is supposed to be vendor nuetral

burn the marketing info that came with the motherboard as its basically
useless  ( not detailed enough or accurate )

c ya

> I have an AMD 
> Athlon 64 2800+.  The chipset according to the manual that came with the 
> motherboard is a SiS746 Northbridge and SiS963 Southbridge.  I can't find an 
> option for either of those.  Also, which IDE drivers should i make sure are 
> installed ?

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