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Re: Custom Kernel Won't Boot

>I got the source from stable(sarge)repository
>which says 2.6.8. But my sarge default kernel
>is 2.6.8-2-386.--


I think you should use --initrd unless you
make sure you have all you need to boot
built in (and not as a module).

> How to find out svga, dma chipset

"lspci -v" and/or  "lspci -vv"

>> and all the cpu flags it uses
>How to know?

cat /proc/cpuinfo

>Should I use any patch to the source installed
>so that 2.6.8 becomes 2.6.8-2-386?

No. It depends on your architecture.
>From what I can tell, you could try to get
started using the debian example
named /boot/config... (complete). Or grab the
.config of a newer kernel (taken from the debian

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