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Re: Custom Kernel Won't Boot

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Jon Roed wrote:

> > Did you compile your kernel using make-kpkg?  Using --initrd or
> > without?  Does the /etc/lilo.conf file match your initrd?  That is,
> > if you build an initrd did you specify it in yoiur /etc/lilo.conf
> > file?  I am guessing not as that would match the symptoms so far.
> >
> > Bob
> I compiled my kernel using make-kpkg but i didn't use the --initrd option.  
> Should i have ?  

no .. not really ..

- when you build a kernel:

	- why ??

	- where did you get the kernel source code from

	- where did you get the *.h ( headers ) for your current
	  kernel you are using in order to build the new kernel

	- do you know the chipset used in your hardware ?

	- the 4 important questions:

		which svga chipset
 		which nic chipset
		which sound chipset
		which dma chipset

		( see the output of lspci .

		- i assume you know exactly what cpu you have
		and all the cpu flags it uses

	- make xconfig and start clicking away ..

		- if you donno what that option is for .. turn it off
		- most of the defaults in the kernel source
		from kernel.org is wrong ( left on for the wrong reasons )
			- tons of kitchen sink stuff you dont need 
			in your otutdoor tent  ( your own hw )

- you're allotted 10 minutes to click things on and off to
  define your kernel ... and you're done after that making
  your custom kernel, install /vmlinuz and running lilo is 30 seconds

- if you build all the chipset drivers into the kernel:
	- you do NOT need an initrd
	- you have built your own kernel if it boots and works

- see the kernel-howto for all the itty bitty details

- and if you wanna start to play ..
	- harden your kernel with the gazillion kernel security patches

c ya

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