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Re: announcing the beginning of security support for testing

Oliver Lupton wrote:
> Sorry if this is a newbie question, but why is this 
> secure-testing.debian.net when debian.org is the official site? Is the 
> testing security nonofficial? Or are .net and .org equivilant?

debian.net hostnames are provided for any debian developers to use for
machines and serives they provide on their own that are not officially
administered by Debian.

It's fairly typical in Debian for new projects to begin life on
debian.net, and only get integrated into Debian proper once it's clear
that they are important to the project and will continue and are worth
committing to. At that point they get absorbed into debian.org.

An example is wiki.debian.net, which proved that Debian needs an
official wiki, which is now being set up as wiki.debian.org. Another
example is the amd64 port, which was hosted on amd64.debian.net. It's
kind of analagous to google labs in a way, except we take cool projects
out of beta eventually. ;-)

The testing security archive is currently using a debian.net machine
for similar reasons.

see shy jo

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