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Re: KDE font size changes randomly

"J F" <j1234f@excite.com> writes:

> The KDE font size keeps changing randomly.
> I set the font size to Arial 10 and use it for about a week or 2.
> I shut down my desktop every night.
> Then, the next morning, Arial 10 is huge and I can't fit 80 character
> across on the screen.  I switch it back to Arial 4.  
> Then I use it for a week or 2. 
> Then, after my nightly shutdown and reboot, Arial 4 is too tiny
> to read and I have to set it back to Arial 10.
> Repeat the above loop infinitely.

Hmm, that's probably the X server not reliably detecting the DPI of your

> This isn't a show stopper, but it gets annoying when I have my
> desktop looking beautiful the way I like it.
> Is there a place dpi set up?
> $ more /etc/X11/gdm/Xservers
> /etc/X11/gdm/Xservers: No such file or directory
> $ egrep dpi /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers
> :0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X vt7 -dpi 100 -nolisten tcp
> The above file has not changed in 6 months, so it is
> not the culprit.

I don't know about gdm, but if you use kdm, you can edit the
/etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc and set:

ServerArgsLocal=-nolisten tcp -dpi 100

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