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Re: Gnome 2.10 going in to etch today

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 2:16 pm, Ron Johnson wrote:
> That's why "we" don't like aptitude.  It too aggressively removes
> things.

Would the almighty Debian Gods decide which fraking package manager 'we' are 
supposed to use? I have seem countless times on this list that apt-get is 
deprecated, synaptic is no good, and aptitude is the only one that can before 
'dist-upgrade' correctly.

> If things like this trip you up, don't use meta-packages.

A meta-package ensures that changes to the official 
'gnome-desktop-environment' specification are automatically added or removed 
appropriately as time progresses. It also ensures that libraries that need 
not be needlessly updated because they are marked auto, are not.

When packages are marked manual, they are upgraded immediately upon 
availability of a newer version rather than waiting for the next meta-package 
reference to require it.

> That won't happen if you use apt-get, and install apps manually.

You loose the benefits of the above.

> Look at the gnome-desktop-environment and then "# apt-get install"
> the ones you want, or install everything except that which you
> don't want.

apt-get install is supposedly deprecated.

> Yes, that's initially more time-consuming than installing g-d-e,
> but it *does* work.
> Question: why use a metapackage to track upgrades, when packages
> are already installed manually?  Or is this an apt-get vs. aptitude
> issue?

See above.

> Maybe it's because I'm running sid, use apt-get and already have
> sound-juicer installed, but this command only removes sound-juicer:
>   # apt-get remove sound-juicer

According to the dep tree, it's only because you have not installed g-d-e.

> > Because stable is too old for a desktop. And unstable is too new for a
> > desktop. Testing is just right (usually).
> In your opinion.  IMNSHO, unstable is a good desktop.

Unless unstable happens to be going through an ABI change and you don't want 
to babysit upgrades.

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