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Need help with a problem in Woody

I have a small server on which I originally install Potato.  It is now
running Sarge and I would like to keep it, but ...

A couple of months ago there was a lightening strike nearby and I had
to replace the harddisk. I had a backup of my stuff, but I needed to
install Debian to get started, and there were problems. The wonderful
netinstall would not boot on this old hardware. I had to use my old
Woody install disks to get started.  In particular, I had to boot from
Woody binary disk 2. I remember having to do this way back when I made
the transition from Potato to Woody, but I don't remember why. Now I
would like to re-read to old docs so that I might file a useful bug
report about Sarge netinstall.

Does anyone remember what the difference was/is between the boot
images on Woody binary-1 and Woody binary-2? Can you please give me a
reference to where the documentation of that difference is still
available on the web?


PS. The system has only SCSI disks and SCSI CD (i.e. It has a real
SCSI CD. It does not use ide-scsi.)

Paul E Condon           

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